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Breakfast All Day

Mar 10, 2019

Image of "Life is a Great Big Bang Up" <br>Limited Edition <br>Serigraph Print

This week, we're launching a little side podcast we've wanted to do for a while now. It's called Breakfast All Day: A La Carte. We'll be interviewing people who work in film or entertainment in some way --  sometimes just Christy, sometimes with the other Breakfast All Day guys joining us at the table.

We're so excited to begin this series with Josh Agle, better known as the artist Shag. He's a lovely and immensely creative guy who draws from his deep love of movies, television and mid-century modern design to create chic and colorful paintings with a clever, humorous twist. Christy and Matt are both big fans of his work, so we were thrilled that he wanted to join us to talk about his influences and career. Hope you enjoy, and we can't wait to bring you more of these.