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Breakfast All Day movie reviews

Jan 4, 2019

Good morning to you, whatever time of day it is in your world. AlonsoMattBen and I are excited to introduce you to our new incarnation, the Breakfast All Day Podcast. It’s still the four of us (whenever we can arrange our schedules to get in the same room with each other), reviewing films, occasionally discussing movie news and enjoying the same banter we’ve had for the past nine years. For our first episode of the new year, we look back at the best and worst of the old year. We also play catch-up with the Will Ferrell & John C. Reilly comedy “Holmes & Watson,” which Alonso says is terrible, and “Escape Room,” which is shockingly a lot of fun for a January horror movie. And we squeeze in a bit of movie news as Ellen DeGeneres lobbies for Kevin Hart to get his Oscar hosting gig back.

So thanks again for sticking with us. We’ll keep doing this throughout 2019 and beyond, and we’ll be adding more features as we go along. You can find us on social media here:




Endless thanks and hash browns to Graham Kolbeins for designing our new logo.