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Breakfast All Day

May 3, 2019

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We’ve got all the snappy banter you could ever need this week on the Breakfast All Day Podcast. AlonsoMatt and Christy review the hilarious rom-com “Long Shot,” starring Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we also discuss the lame and flat animated musical “UglyDolls.” Matt and Christy had a blast screaming at the screen during the unabashed B-movie “The Intruder.” And we’re feeling mixed about “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile,” starring a perfectly cast Zac Efron as Ted Bundy; the shaggy L.A. noir comedy “Under the Silver Lake”; and “Non-Fiction,” the latest from French filmmaker Olivier Assayas. Listen and enjoy.