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Breakfast All Day

Jul 1, 2019

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LaToya Morgan is a longtime TV writer and producer whose work includes “Shameless,” “Parenthood” and “Into the Badlands.” She’s also a cool, smart, funny woman in general, so Christy is thrilled that she took the time to chat with her for this A La Carte episode. LaToya talks about growing up in a diverse section of South Los Angeles, a part of town that’s changing through gentrification; her childhood influences, which include “The Twilight Zone,” Stephen King and “The X-Files”; and her early work with AmeriCorps and the Children’s Defense Fund before going to film school at the American Film Institute. She also shares how she brings various elements of her identity as a black, queer woman to the characters she creates and whether television is getting more diverse both in front of and behind the cameras. LaToya has lots of great stories and insights, so listen and enjoy!