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Breakfast All Day movie reviews

Jan 27, 2020

Vince headshot
Vincent Grashaw is a talented and busy filmmaker who’s currently in post-production on his third feature, “What Josiah Saw.” So it was nice to have a chance to sit down with him for the first time in a while for this A La Carte conversation. Vince discusses growing up in the San Fernando Valley (including the Northridge earthquake), making his own movies and music videos with friends as a teenager, jumping right into the film world out of high school rather than going to college (and the crazy work he did to stay afloat during the lean years), learning who to trust in this business and how his work as a producer on the thrilling, micro-budget “Bellflower” put him on the map in 2011. And of course, he talks about directing his own features, “Coldwater” and “And Then I Go.” Christy so admires Vince’s vision and work ethic so it was a joy to pick his brain. Hope you find our discussion enlightening, too.