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Breakfast All Day movie reviews

Mar 9, 2020

We've never had a production designer on Breakfast All Day A La Carte, so it was a blast chatting with Jake Tremblay (not to be confused with the kid from “Room”). Jake has worked on several commercials and music videos and is now moving into feature films. He talks about growing up with a devoutly Roman Catholic family in small-town New Hampshire; being homeschooled by his mom until eighth grade, where he was constantly drawing, painting and building, skills he uses all the time now; getting into theater in high school and college at University of New Hampshire, where he also came out; and starting his career as an actor and model in New York before landing in Los Angeles. And of course, he discusses what goes into being a production designer — it’s not just building sets and gathering props but also managing continuity, keeping track of budgeting and making sure the cast and crew are safe in the environments he creates. Christy loves learning about the nuts and bolts of filmmaking, so this was a truly fascinating conversation. Hope you enjoy, too.