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Breakfast All Day movie reviews

Aug 8, 2020

Come a little closer … we’ve got a secret (or two) we want to share with you on this week’s Breakfast All Day Podcast. Alonso, Matt and Christy review “The Secret: Dare to Dream” as well as “The Secret Garden.” But first! We talk about Seth Rogen and Seth Rogen in “An American Pickle,” as well as the existential drama “She Dies Tomorrow,” which feels extremely relevant today. We’ve got a ton of news, including the arrival of “Mulan” on Disney+ next month and plans for a shortened Sundance Film Festival next year. And over at our Patreon, we review the Olivia de Havilland film our subscribers chose for us — “The Adventures of Robin Hood” — in this month’s Off the Menu segment. We’re taking next week off for a variety of reasons, but we look forward to seeing you again on Aug. 21. Until then, be well.