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Breakfast All Day

Mar 13, 2021

We’re a year into this pandemic thing but good news is on the horizon — as well as at least one good movie — on Breakfast All Day. Christy, Alonso and Matt review the Russo Brothers’ sprawling drama “Cherry,” the family-friendly Netflix comedy “Yes Day,” Soleil Moon Frye’s nostalgic documentary “Kid 90” and “The Father,” an exquisite piece of writing, editing and acting starring Anthony Hopkins. In news, more vaccines are on the way for every American by May 1 and movie theaters are reopening, Harry and Meghan chat with Oprah, and Oscar nominations are coming Monday (and we’ll have a quick episode then reacting to them, as well as an early look at the Snyder Cut of “Justice League”). And over at our Patreon, we discuss this month’s Off the Menu selection just in time for St. Patrick’s Day: John Huston’s Dublin-set “The Dead” (1987), based in the James Joyce short story. Hope you’re feeling optimistic, too, and thanks as always for sharing some of your time with us.