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Breakfast All Day

Apr 9, 2021

Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer squander their super talent in Netflix's lazy Thunder Force

It is a bleak week on Breakfast All Day as we bring you yet another Melissa McCarthy movie that her husband directed. Ben Falcone also wrote the aggressively mediocre “Thunder Force,” starring McCarthy and Octavia Spencer as childhood best friends who become superheroes. Alonso, Matt and I also review “Voyagers,” which is essentially “Lord of the Flies” in space, and the one great film of the week, the moving South African drama “Moffie.” In news, we discuss the deaths of DMX, Prince Philip and Anne BeattsCalifornia on the verge of ending covid restriction tiers; an update on Tiger Woods’ car accident; Tyler Perry’s plans for a Madea prequel series on Showtime; and Caitlyn Jenner pondering a run for California governor. And over at our Patreon, we discuss this week’s episode of “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” which took the series in a shocking, darker direction. Let us know what you think of all this and thanks as always for joining us!