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Breakfast All Day

May 31, 2021

Seth Rogen: Marvel MCU movies are comedies with Thor & Deadpool as stars

This week on Marvel Mondays, we’re up to a movie Christy had been excited to rewatch from the very beginning: “Thor: Ragnarok” (2017). It’s one of her absolute favorites because it’s goofy, weird and full of surprises. She and Nicolas talk about how the humor in Taika Waititi’s film comes from Thor not being powerful and majestic but actually kinda boggled and bumbling. We love the interplay he has with Hulk, Valkyrie and Doctor Strange. Christy bores Nic with her story about meeting Cate Blanchett and being dazzled by her otherworldly presence. But she also gets to ask him: “What is the Devil’s Anus?” and learns that Nic is officially too old for bathroom humor. Hope you enjoy this episode of our Breakfast All Day miniseries as much as we enjoyed recording it, and thanks as always for joining us.