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Breakfast All Day movie reviews

Oct 15, 2021

The Last Duel Script Separated by Male, Female POVs

We’ll take up our swords and fight for your honor this week on Breakfast All Day. Our great friend Katie Walsh of Tribune News Service returns to help Christy review Ridley Scott’s medieval “Rashomon” tale “The Last Duel.” Then, it’s just Christy and Alonso for reviews of the sequel “Halloween Kills,” the meta movie drama “Bergman Island” and “The Velvet Underground,” Todd Haynes’ documentary about the influential New York City band. In news, Superman is gay and people are pissed, IATSE film and TV crew members may strike on Monday, transgender Netflix employees and their allies plan a walkout to protest the Dave Chappell special, Timothee Chalamet talks about Armie Hammer (sort of), Jamie Lee Curtis dresses as her mom’s iconic “Psycho” role for the “Halloween Kills” red carpet, and Christy discusses the IMAX screening of “Dune” she attended (and we’ll have a full review for you this week). Over at our Patreon, we recap episode 5 of “The Morning Show” on Apple TV+. We truly appreciate having you around, so thanks for joining us.