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Breakfast All Day movie reviews

Jul 22, 2022

We loved “RRR” so much and got so many great suggestions of other Telugu films to watch that we’re now digging into “Baahubali: The Beginning” on Breakfast All Day. Alonso and Christy were blown away by SS Rajamouli’s 2015 movie, and we’ll have a review of part two, “Baahubali: The Conclusion,” next week. Also this week, we introduce a new segment we’re so excited about: Was It Great, or Were You 8? We’ll look back at movies we loved when we were 8 years old to see whether they truly were great, or we’re just remembering them fondly through the rosy lens of nostalgia. First off: Alonso has chosen “The Bad News Bears” from 1976. When you’re done listening, you can vote on our YouTube poll. Let us know what you think, and thanks for spending part of your summer with us!