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Breakfast All Day movie reviews

Jul 18, 2023

It's summer, so we're sort of in and out and all over the place, but we'll always find time to check in with you here at Breakfast All Day. We have a review of the indie comedy "Theater Camp," which affectionately skewers these over-eager drama nerds. It's in theaters now. And we wanted to share a segment with you that we regularly do for our Patreon subscribers. It's called Off the Menu: Every month, we offer a poll featuring several movies in a certain theme. You vote, we review it. For July, we honor the late, legendary Alan Arkin with a look back at the thrilling "Wait Until Dark" (1967), in which he terrorizes a blind Audrey Hepburn. Be sure to check back next week, when we'll have a LIVE Barbenheimer spoiler chat on our YouTube channel once "Barbie" and "Oppenheimer" have both been in theaters for a few days. We hope you're having a terrific summer, and we appreciate you spending some of it with us!