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Breakfast All Day movie reviews

Oct 27, 2023

It's definitely awards season with two new movies from two very different auteurs. First, we have a review of "The Killer," David Fincher's stylish, darkly funny noir starring Michael Fassbender as a meticulous hitman. We also discuss "Priscilla," Sofia Coppola's dreamy depiction of Priscilla Presley's early life and marriage to Elvis. Alonso and Christy have very different takes on these films but agree that they're both gorgeously shot and beautifully detailed. We're both traveling this week, but we'll be back at our Patreon next week to catch up on recaps of "Loki" and "The Morning Show," plus we'll launch into the miniseries "Fellow Travelers" and season 2 of "The Gilded Age." Look forward to having you join us! 

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