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Breakfast All Day movie reviews

Apr 10, 2024

Both movies we review on the latest episode of Breakfast All Day are about feuding -- totally by accident, but they offer an intriguing contrast. First, we have a major disagreement about "Civil War," the latest from "Ex Machina" writer-director Alex Garland. This graphic and harrowing thriller envisions an America in which sections have seceded and are attacking the federal government. Kirsten Dunst and Cailee Spaeny co-star; it's in theaters April 12. Then, we discuss a very different movie about squabbling: the charmingly profane and very British arthouse comedy "Wicked Little Letters," starring Olivia Colman and Jessie Buckley. It's in theaters now. And for our Patreon subscribers, we've started recapping "Shōgun" on Hulu after receiving so many requests for it. We recap the first two episodes and will share two more over the next few Tuesdays. Thanks for being here with us!

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