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Breakfast All Day movie reviews

Jun 22, 2024

Summer brings big movies with A-list stars and weird little indie gems, and we're here for all of it at Breakfast All Day. 

This week, we review "The Bikeriders," the latest from writer-director Jeff Nichols. It stars Tom Hardy, Austin Butler and Jodie Comer and is based on a real Midwestern motorcycle gang from the 1960s. We do not agree on this movie! It's in theaters now.

But we both loved "Thelma," featuring 94-year-old June Squibb in her first leading role. The delightful action comedy is inspired by a scam that actually happened to writer-director Josh Margolin's real-life grandma. It's also in theaters. 

And we wrap up with "Tuesday," featuring Julia Louis-Dreyfus in a rare dramatic performance as a mother negotiating with Death when it comes for her 15-year-old daughter in the form of a brilliant, talking macaw. This won't be for everyone, but if you can get on its wavelength, you'll find it quite moving. In theaters now.

As always on Fridays, we begin with Movie News LIVE!, where we pay tribute to the late, legendary Donald Sutherland, who died this week at age 88. Keep an eye out on our Patreon, where we'll devote the next Off the Menu poll to his staggering body of work. 

And speaking of our Patreon, we wrap up "Bridgerton" season 3 and continue slogging through "The Acolyte." Join us and share your thoughts! And thanks as always for being here.

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