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Breakfast All Day

Aug 5, 2019

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Screenwriter and Emerson College professor Weiko Lin joins Christy this week for a wide-ranging, high-energy Breakfast All Day A La Carte conversation. Weiko talks about emigrating to the United States from Taiwan with his mom and siblings when he was 8, the early influence of ’80s pop culture and the power of seeing people who looked like him in Ang Lee’s “The Wedding Banquet.” He discusses his writing process, where he likes to write and how he works through writer’s block. We also explore his writing for the Chinese market, what the moviegoing experience is like there and recent hits like “Crazy Rich Asians.” And if you’re thinking of becoming a writer yourself, Weiko’s new book “Crazy Screenwriting Secrets” provides some guidance by encouraging people to be fearless in their storytelling approach. Plus, he’s just a lovely, genuine guy in general, so please enjoy.