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Breakfast All Day movie reviews

Mar 25, 2019

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This badass right here is Christy's latest A La Carte interview guest: Kearran Giovanni, co-star of the CW series "Black Lightning." In reality, she couldn't be sweeter or more generous. That's called acting! Kearran and Christy have been friends for about seven years, since their kids went to pre-school together. We talk about her beginnings in suburban Houston (and the racism she endured there), her years singing and dancing on Broadway alongside the likes of Hugh Jackman, her co-starring role on TNT's "Major Crimes," which brought her from New York to Los Angeles, and everything in between. Christy also marvels at Kearran's ability to juggle work and home life with a husband and two daughters while still looking as fabulous as she consistently does -- and remaining genuinely grounded. We hope you enjoy.