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Breakfast All Day movie reviews

Apr 15, 2019

Marcellas Reynolds has worn many hats, all of them stylish. He’s been a model, stylist, reality TV star on “Big Brother” and a fashion correspondent. And now, he can add author to that list with the upcoming publication of “Supreme Models: Iconic Black Women Who Revolutionized Fashion.” Marcellas also happens to be an old friend and former neighbor of Christy's, so she was delighted to catch up with him in my latest A La Carte interview. We talk about growing up black and gay on the South Side of Chicago, attending the funeral of the father he never knew, traveling the world as a model and vamping it up for the cameras with his TV housemates. We also discuss the inspiration behind his gorgeous coffee table book, which gives some strong, influential women their due. Pour the tea, because we go deep on this one.