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Breakfast All Day movie reviews

Jul 22, 2019

Sandy Cohen | Freelance Journalist | Muck Rack

Sandy Cohen and Christy spent years together in the trenches covering entertainment for The Associated Press, and Christy feels so lucky that they’re still friends years after they’ve both left. Sandy has lots of great stories to tell from her time interviewing celebrities — which began with Elizabeth Taylor her first day on the job — but she also discusses growing up in the Southern California city of Torrance, how she got her start in journalism and what she brings that sets her apart from other entertainment writers. One of the coolest assignments Sandy had was covering the Academy Awards for a dozen years from an incredible, intimate perch backstage — and yes, she has some insight on the infamous “Moonlight”/”La La Land” mixup. Plus, she’s just a smart, upbeat, genuine woman in general. This was a fun one, so enjoy.