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Breakfast All Day movie reviews

Sep 16, 2019

Bobbi Brown McRae is one of the coolest women Christy knows, and this was clear long before Christy learned that she’d played a Smurf in the Ice Capades. The longtime figure skater, coach, actress and all-around badass discusses her life and career in the latest Breakfast All Day A La Carte episode. Bobbi talks about growing up in Los Angeles in the ’60s and ’70s, why she loves to perform and how she fought nerves during competition, and the joy she gets from coaching both figure skaters and hockey players. We also take on some serious topics: what can be done to keep young athletes safe from both sexual assault and psychological anxiety in such a high-pressure sport, as well as the body image issues that are so prevalent. Over the past decade, she’s forged a side career as an actress in commercials, and she trains actors how to skate for movies and TV. And because we are a film podcast, Bobbi talks about the figure skating movies that get the sport right. Lace ’em up and join us.