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Breakfast All Day movie reviews

Oct 21, 2019

Longtime reporter, reality TV producer and Emmy winner Tanya McRae has lots of fun stories to tell on this week’s Breakfast All Day A La Carte. Tanya talks about growing up in New York City with politically active parents who prepped her for what to do when they got arrested at protests; the challenges of being biracial and 6 feet tall at age 13 in Cambridge, Mass.; beginning her career in television at ABC News (she sent out 200 tapes and resumes — this was 1989!), her work as a producer and casting director on a wide variety of talk shows and reality shows (and the bad behavior she saw) including “Hideous Houses,” “Tattoo Rescue: LA” and “I Got Married at Spring Break,” and her brief time as an actress on series including “General Hospital.” She also discusses the craziness of working at the tabloid TV show “Hard Copy” and her current gig at Spectrum News 1. Tanya is hilarious and thoughtful. Hope you enjoy.