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Breakfast All Day movie reviews

Jun 5, 2020

The people creating art to remember George Floyd - CNN Style

It’s been a difficult week/month/year in our country and throughout the world, and we just couldn’t wrap our brains around watching movies and talking about them on the latest Breakfast All Day. It all seemed too frivolous. Instead, Alonso, Matt and Christy discuss the state of things — nationwide protests against police brutality following the killing of George Floyd, peaceful demonstrations and violence in the streets, what things have looked and felt like in our worlds and how the entertainment industry has responded. (That catchy little ditty you hear off the top is “Lose Yo Job” by iMarkkeyz feat. DJ Suede the Remix God. And since we’re all in desperate need of a laugh, the video version is hilarious.) Plus, of course, we’re still in the middle of a pandemic. We talk about all of this in what is essentially an extended news segment, complete with the latest movie marquee photos our listeners and viewers have been kind enough to send us. And we steer you guys in the direction of where you can stream some great, timely movies for free — including the documentaries “I Am Not Your Negro” and “Whose Streets?”, as well as “Selma” which Paramount is making available through June 30. Please let us know how you’re doing, and thanks for sticking with us.