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Breakfast All Day movie reviews

Nov 30, 2022

We’re back from Thanksgiving break and we’re stuffed with goodies for you on Breakfast All Day. First, we review the delightfully silly and sweet “Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special,” which is streaming now on Disney+. We also catch up with the excellent “Aftersun,” which is sure to end up on lots of top-10 lists and become an awards contender. In news, we discuss the Oscars, Gotham Awards, Spirit Award nominations, Irene Cara and more. And over at our Patreon, we recap the outstanding season finale of “Andor.” Thanks as always for joining us!

* Our latest Movie House Shout-Out goes to The Independent in Big Sky, Montana, where Christy visited while skiing with her family over the holiday. They show new releases and have a Christmas movie festival planned throughout December, but they also offer a bar, restaurant, trivia and live music. The Independent is a great hub for arts and community in the mountains. To find out more, visit them here.

* If you’re loving how we look and sound these days, it’s thanks to Riverside. This is the new platform we’re using, which allows us to record in 1080p. You can meet and record for videos, podcasts, social media and more, and it’s easy and fun to use. Get 15% off your membership with code BREAKFAST15. Find out more here.