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Breakfast All Day movie reviews

Feb 14, 2024

Dakota Johnson wants neither the great power nor the great responsibility that come with being a superhero in the Spider-Man world, but she's stuck with them in "Madame Web." This movie is getting savaged critically -- as of this posting, it's at 16% on Rotten Tomatoes -- but we didn't think it was completely terrible, and that's mainly thanks to Johnson's amusingly blasé performance. Speaking of movies that got awful reviews, we revisit Britney Spears' "Crossroads" from 2002, because it will be streaming for the first time ever starting Thursday on Netflix. The coming-of-age road trip drama was supposed to catapult the pop star to movie stardom; instead, it's a bittersweet time capsule of a more innocent time in Spears' life. And for our Patreon subscribers, we recap the extremely eventful penultimate episode of "True Detective: Night Country" on HBO. Thanks for sharing some of your time with us here at Breakfast All Day!