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Breakfast All Day movie reviews

Mar 16, 2019

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It's a sampler platter of movies this week on Breakfast All Day, from indies to foreign films, great stuff to middling stuff. A very stuffy Alonso overcomes his allergies to join Christy in reviews of the all-star Netflix action thriller "Triple Frontier," the subtly powerful Chinese drama "Ash Is Purest White" (with a tour de force performance from Zhao Tao, above), the dull and safe post-World War II romance "The Aftermath" and the French film "Sorry Angel," about two men who fall in love in the midst of the AIDS epidemic. We also have a bit of movie news: the fallout from the college admissions scandal and how it's hurt Lori Loughlin's career (because any excuse to discuss Hallmark Channel movies is good for Alonso) and the announcement that James Gunn will once again direct the third "Guardians of the Galaxy."