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Breakfast All Day movie reviews

May 21, 2022

Men Review

It’s raining “Men” … hallelujah? Katie Walsh joins Christy to try and work through Alex Garland’s impeccably crafted, deeply disturbing thriller this week on Breakfast All Day. Alonso and Christy also review something a bit lighter: the sequel “Downton Abbey: A New Era.” In news, we discuss “Stranger Things” season 4 revelations, including the release of the first eight minutes of episode 1. Plus: Tom Cruise at Cannes, the trailer for the JLo documentary on Netflix (which Christy is in very, very briefly), “The Bob’s Burgers Movie” premiere, “Heartstopper,” “Bros,” “She-Hulk” and more. And over at our Patreon, we recap episode 6 of “The Offer” on Paramount+. “The Godfather” will get made eventually, we just know it! Thanks as always for joining us.