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Breakfast All Day movie reviews

Feb 25, 2023

"Cocaine Bear" is finally here, and we're here for every insane moment of it on Breakfast All Day. Christy and Alonso review the much-anticipated comic thriller -- which, amazingly, is based on a true story -- and insist that if you're going to see it, you should do so with an audience. We also review "We Have a Ghost" on Netflix, a cheesy haunted house story that wastes a great cast. In news, we discuss the Oscars and SAG Awards, "Succession," Steven Yeun and more. And we've got a couple of goodies on our Patreon: a recap of "Poker Face" episode 8, which may be the best one yet, and a February Off the Menu review of the 2006 romantic comedy "Something New." And if you haven't joined our Patreon yet, now's a great time -- we're doing our first Lunch Date live chat with our subscribers on Monday, Feb. 27 at Noon PST. You can find out more here. We'd love to see you!