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Breakfast All Day movie reviews

Jun 17, 2023

Grab yourself some popcorn and a drink and join us for our review of "Elemental." We both really liked the latest from Pixar on the latest episode of Breakfast All Day -- it's gorgeous and very entertaining -- even if it doesn't reach the heights of the animation company's greatest films. In movie news, we discuss the loss of a few greats in their industries: actress Glenda Jackson, author Cormac McCarthy and comic artist John Romita Sr. Also: the Netflix "Wham!" documentary trailer, and the possibility of Sarah Polley directing a live-action "Bambi" for Disney. Over at our Patreon, we review Celine Sciamma's 2011 drama "Tomboy" for June's Off the Menu selection. And be sure to visit our YouTube channel on Wednesday, June 21 at 10 am PDT for LIVE spoiler chat about "The Flash" and any other summer movies you'd like to discuss. Thanks as always for hanging out with us!