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Breakfast All Day

Oct 7, 2019

Jamielyn Lippman

Filmmaker and fellow mom Jamielyn Lippman is Christy's Breakfast All Day A La Carte guest this week — and she’s the rare friend outside the critic world who sees as much as Christy does. Jamielyn talks about growing up in a big, close family in suburban Santa Clarita north of Los Angeles, seeing films from a young age with her father, longtime professional baseball manager Tom Gamboa, and following her dad to various ballparks across the country with her siblings. She also discusses moving to Hollywood at 19 to be an actress (and getting her first big-screen credit in “Boogie Nights”) and making the transition to directing her own movies, including the documentary “When the Bough Breaks,” about postpartum depression, and the horror flick she just finished, “Killer Weekend.” We also get extremely detailed about where we like to sit in the theater. This one was lots of fun, so listen and enjoy.