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Breakfast All Day

Nov 4, 2019

Rick Adams — better known here in Southern California for his “Virtually Rick” segments on Spectrum News 1 — was a complete blast to chat with for this latest A La Carte episode. Rick talks about growing up in an idyllic town in England, playing music and beginning his career in radio, getting his start in television as a host on Nickelodeon in Britain (where he got slimed multiple times a day) and coming to the United States to expand his career. He also discusses the beginnings of the wildly creative stuff he does involving illustrations at The Weather Channel and the inspiration behind his “Virtually Rick” stories, in which he explains complicated topics — from baseball to wildfires to impeachment — by walking around his drawings and bringing them to life in the studio through virtual reality. Rick is so quick-witted and definitely kept Christy on her toes. Listen and enjoy.