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Breakfast All Day

Jan 6, 2020

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Robin Sax wears many hats, brilliantly and stylishly. She’s a lawyer, author, media expert, mediator and clinical therapist, and she talks about all of those varied careers — and how she blends them together now to make a difference in the world — on the latest Breakfast All Day A La Carte. Robin discusses growing up in Los Angeles (she and Christy were born the same year in the same hospital), attending UC Santa Barbara and Pepperdine University law school, starting her career as a prosecutor in the LA County District Attorney’s office, making the leap into work as a TV legal analyst and making the next leap in her 40s to get her master’s degree in social work at USC (which includes traveling to China). Robin has melded all her expertise and experience in her new website,, where she helps couples communicate as they’re divorcing and co-parenting. Robin is so thoughtful and inspiring, and Christy loved having this time with her. Listen and enjoy, and Happy New Year!