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Breakfast All Day

Jan 10, 2020

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We are very much in January on Breakfast All Day with reviews of some mediocre-to-terrible films. But Matt, Alonso and Christy also find time to catch up with a couple of movies that came out at the tail end of last year that are worthwhile. We review “Underwater” — which is essentially “Alien” in the ocean — as well as the raunchy R-rated comedy “Like a Boss.” We also discuss the death row drama “Just Mercy,” which opens nationwide this week, and “Clemency,” in which Alfre Woodard does some of her best work yet. Over at our Patreon, we chat about the state of awards season ahead of Monday’s Oscar nominations, and we return to Trailer Talk with the latest “Harley Quinn” clip, “A Quiet Place Part II” and “The Woman in the Window.” Thanks for diving in with us!