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Breakfast All Day

Feb 6, 2021

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We light up the sky like a flame this week on Breakfast All Day. All the movies Christy, Matt and Alonso review have to do with fame, memory and leaving your mark on the world. We begin with “Malcolm & Marie,” featuring strong performances and gorgeous cinematography but an exhausting, repetitive script; “Bliss,” which toys with the nature of simulated reality; “Fake Famous,” a documentary that explores what it takes to be an influencer; and “Little Fish,” a sci-fi romance about a virus that causes dementia. In news, we talk about the sad loss of legends Christopher Plummer and Hal Holbrook, the Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild award nominations (and Trump’s hilarious letter resigning from SAG), Evan Rachel Wood‘s allegations of abuse from ex-boyfriend Marilyn Manson, and the MyPillow guy‘s three-hour documentary about voter fraud (which we promise we won’t review). And over at our Patreon, we recap this week’s jaw-dropping “WandaVision” episode as well as the juicy episode 5 of “Bridgerton.” Thanks as always for joining us.